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What is Link Building

What is Link Building?

Link Building as the name suggests is creating links for our website backed up by trusted sources. According to Google, it has been confirmed that link building is one of the key factors that assist in establishing the rank of a website on the search pages. Link building is an important tool to utilize while performing S.E.O. as it also builds trust, provided it is supported by links from authoritative websites. For example, if your content has a link from Wikipedia then it will send a signal to Search engines that this website content is trusted and it will send traffic to the website.

Understand ‘User Intent’

The primary aim of creating content on our website is that it should match the user’s intent. We have to provide the users with the same cuisine for which they are equally craving.

EAT law

This concept is termed as ‘user Intent’. Now, what is ‘User Intent’? It is to understand the ‘searchers query’. If a user searches for ‘tires’ but it is not clear what he is actually looking for. Does he want to buy or just need information? But if he searches for ‘Tires for car Tata Indica’, he will give a clear idea about the intent of the User’s search. Once we have understood the user’s intent, it will be easier to plan our content on our website.


Let us move towards our next step in S.E.O.which is Backlinks. Backlinks are created on a website to redirect to another website. We need to create several trusted backlinks for the optimization of our page. If your website is addressed on multiple sites then it will give the impression that your content is worth linking and give search engines a positive signal for ranking your website. It is a time-consuming process but it is a sure shot formula to create a trusted base for your website.


While creating these links we must be sure that the links that you have created are from the site that is trusted, otherwise linking from spamming sites can be presumed that your content is spam too and cause serious damage to the image of your website.

It is very difficult to create backlinks for a newly formed website but you can create a database of appropriate sites by assessing your competitor’s websites. Understanding how they have linked in other trusted websites and got a ranking in the search engine results pages can help you chart the process for your backlinks as well. 

Follow E-A-T Formula for your website 

E.A.T. (Expert, Authoritative & Trust) is very important to get links from trusted sources. What do these trusted sources mean exactly? 

Expert Authoritative Trustworthy

A website that consists of expertise, authority & trust of visitors will be a reliable source of linking.

An expert site would be considered a website which is working on there business for a long time and has substantial work experience in the field e.g IMDB is known for its movie review for such a long time and visitors usually trust the reviews of the site hence if an entertainment site establishes backlinks by IMDB then it will gain the faith of visitors more easily conclusively gain the trust of search engines.

Further, an authoritative and trustworthy site will be concerned about the privacy policy and data security of the customer like if your page gives the disclaimer for policy and terms of use then the visitor’s trust will be built on the website.

Long and short of it is that a website should have all the ingredients of E.A.T. and should also be backed by the site which consists of E.A.T. Qualities.

Link Diagnosis

Healthy Link: A link that is a backlink from a healthy source like a trusted site will be identified as a healthy link compared to the links that are backed up by the spammy sites. Unnecessary and repeatedly mentioned links should be identified and rectified as it will give the impression that unethical means of ranking are being used.

Editorial Link: Focus on making links from quality content as it will resolve our long term goal and make the website a trusted source of information.

Relevant links: Links that are emerging on a totally different field of your website can create confusion about your website in the algorithm of the search engine so whatever it takes but linking on the relevant field is always better. E.g if you are selling fruits online and linking by the tech site then it will look fishy and send mixed signals to the search engines.

Link Diagnosis

Evaluation of link profile

Concluding how will you evaluate your linkings and what are the questions that should be raised while evaluation:

How many times has your site been linked to other sites?

Quality of the sites in which your site is linked as if they are not spamming where your site generally is linked, which decreases your chances of ranking on the search engines.

Diversification of your site links, like if it has been linked several times in one website or linked once in many websites.

Understanding these analytics will give a crystal clear idea about your link profile. Search engines will also look at these factors while making site assessments. It helps search engines to relate your website with other websites and their quality, quantity, and diversification. There are many tools available on the internet for SEO tools analysis. It’s always better to work on analytics.

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